EcoLure Maker Bass Fishing Worm Lure Kit

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It's new, It's cool, and it puts you in charge. You're the Angler, not some imported manufacturing company telling you what's the best lure. You know the fish and you know what they like. So now is the chance to make your own BASS Soft Bait Lures with the EcolureMaker biodegradable rubber. 

Catch the big one.

Whether you currently make lures and you're ready to make eco-friendly versions or you've never made your own lure before, you can with EcoLureMaker. These kits are made right here in Manchester Maine and successfully tested on Cobbossee Lake, Maranacook Lake, Long Pond, China Lake, and others around Central Maine.

Make your own worm lures using biodegradable soft bait rubber. You can make the lures with different lengths, colors, and scents. And you can add Your Secret Sauce. Some people add salt,  a little soy sauce, or peanut butter,…but shhh.. Don’t tell!  

The shapes in the kit are just to get you started.  You can also make your OWN shapes that you make into biodegradable rubber lures. 

So the shapes include a Senko worm that can be made different lengths.

  • Worm shapes that can be 3 inches to 7 inches by adding in middle sections to the part. The parts are interchangeable for different lengths.
  • The Fatter heads are for Texas Rigging. We’ve found that a fatter head is great for hiding the hook in and compensates for the increased stiffness of the EcolureRubber. This allows you to have a more flexible tail similar to a Shad bait. 

All of these shapes are interchangeable so you can experiment. And of course, you can use anything else to make your lure molds also.

Form 40 or more custom fishing lures using an Eco-friendly, Biodegradable Rubber that you can use safely in your kitchen.  No PVC, plasticol, plastic, silicone, or any harmful chemicals or odors. 

You know what the fish want! Make your own lure and show ‘em. When someone asks you how you caught the big bass, tell ‘em you used your own lure.

The BIODEGRADABLE Soft Bait Rubber:  The soft casting rubber is an eco-friendly thermoplastic polymer that degrades in water. The biodegradable rubber has a low hardness (Shore D of 3) and is formulated to attract really good looking and big fish.  The lures typically last a half hour or so before losing some strength in the water, although, like a real worm, time on the hook will vary. Time will likely be shorter than you expected because the fish will be fighting to get a piece of your lure.