Sarge™ Knives

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Made from top-grade stainless steel, these blades remain sharp even after many years of use. Plus, they are designed to endure even the most demanding conditions. SARGE™ knives are not only great for personal uses; they also make an ideal gift for a family member or friend and will be treasured for years to come.

At 4.5 inches in the closed position, TRIGGER is a Rosewood folder that is a bigger pocket knife that boasts a pocket clip. The unique design on the Rosewood handle seems to fit this knife perfectly. If you are looking for a new pocket knife that combines the beauty of Rosewood with the durability of a larger stainless steel blade, the Trigger is for you with the Maine Cabin Masters logo engraved.

Clip this beautiful 2-tone wooden folding knife to your pocket. RANGER is a solid folding knife with a 2.75 inch stainless steel blade that boasts a thumb stud enabling easy one-handed opening. This knife is convenient to use, and looks great especially with the Maine Cabin Masters engraved logo.

Whether you are taking a walk to the apple orchard or packing for a camping trip, FOODIE folding chef knife is just the knife. This 4.5 inch blade works equally well for peeling an apple or cutting your turkey sandwich. Carry the Foodie knife with you wherever you go. Comes with a leather carrying case with a belt loop and snap closure and engraved with the Kennebec Cabin Company logo.


The oyster TIDE knife is a gem for shucking oysters. The high carbon stainless steel blade makes it tough and corrosion resistant. We know the importance of a well crafted blade. The tapered edges and blade width makes it easier to slip in between the oysters' shells. The full tang design allows you to confidently shuck the oysters when applying extra force. Since the details are important, the handle is lined with a thin red G10 liner to prevent the maple burl scales from expanding and shrinking when wet. The Tide's top grain leather sheath features a belt loop so that it won't be misplaced at your next oyster feast! Logo'd with Kennebec Cabin Company.