Moose Antler Dog Chews

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Gracie The Shed Dog finds these naturally shedded moose antlers in northern Maine. Gracie's Moose Antler Dog Chews cuts the antler's into manageable dog chews in Hope, Maine. "Providing high quality, all natural chews your fur baby will love!"

  • Each antler piece is sold by approximate weight.
  • Small: 3-4oz
  • Medium: 5-6oz
  • Large: 7-8oz
  • XLarge: 9+oz
  • Antler Contents: Moisture-12.42%, Protein-44.7%, Fiber-.26%, Ash-47.3%, Sulfur-.12%, Phosphorus-7.06%, Magnesium-.32%, Calcium-15.8%, Sodium-.41%, Iron-77.7ppm, Magnesium-12.1ppm, Copper-2.7ppm, Zinc-75.5ppm.